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Knicks fans acquire last-minute COVID tests before games

Knicks fans desperate to get back to Madison Square Garden are ponying up $250 for last-minute COVID tests before tip off, in order to meet new state testing rules for large venues.

Under the regulations that went into effect Feb. 23, venues with more than 10,000 people can operate at 10 percent capacity — as long as every guest has passed a COVID test within 72 hours of tipoff.

But not just any old COVID test will do. The state requires fans to get the more sensitive and accurate PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, tests. Unlike a rapid test, which can give a result in a few minutes, PCR test results can take hours or days.

“I’ve been trapped in a house for a year and a half, so I’ll be happy to spend whatever right now,” said Anthony Jones, 33 of Queens, after he shelled out the $250 to get the needed PCR test before the Knicks were scheduled to take on the Pacers Saturday night.

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