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At Home Covid-19
Rapid  Testing and Consultation


During these trivial times there are a lot of questions, but not a lot of answers. Dr. Golberg strives to do the most that he can during the coronavirus pandemic in helping you answer as many questions as possible, specifically with this service- "do I have Coronavirus"? and if I do "what do I do next?".


The testing process has three steps,  IGG/IGM test, which tests if you are carrying the coronavirus and the antibody, a nose swab test to see you if you have the coronavirus and bloodwork that checks for antibodies that are not covered by the IGG/IGM test. The consultation consists of the "next step", whether you have the coronavirus or not.

Dr. Golberg has the resources, tools, and knowledge to advise you on how to be your healthiest self to protect your health and body during these times. If your tests come back positive, Dr. Golberg will guide you on your road to recovery, prescribing the leading medications and being accessible through phone calls and texts for advice and health management throughout the entire process. Lastly, our immune systems need our attention. 


The IV offers a custom blend of Zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and more immunomodulators to strengthen our bodies and boost immunity to the coronavirus. 

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